RPG Design – Weapon Wednesday: Sawback Scimitar

Sawback Scimitar by Anthony Rosbottom 2003Sawback Scimitar

Exotic one-handed weapon. 55 gp. 4 lbs. 1d6 slashing damage, critical 18-20 x2.  Special: performance, see text

The vicious sawback scimitar is forged with a serrated edge. When you make a full attack with this weapon and score a critical on the first attack, you can sacrifice your remaining attacks in the round to draw the blade back in a sawing motion, horrifically wounding the victim. Every attack you sacrificed increases the critical multiplier by one.

The fighting pits are where the hardest-hearted warriors are born. The deadliest gladiators of the arena invented the sawback scimitar to combine a weapon that demands notice with the bloodiest kills possible. 


This weapon involves a tradeoff that can really help against enemies with damage reduction. Great for a bloody-minded character who wants to make his critical hits really spectacular. Enjoy!

-Max Porter Zasada


RPG Design – Weapon Wednesday: Cleaving Greatsword

cleaving greatsword by Anthony Rosbottom 2003Cleaving Greatsword

Exotic two-handed weapon. 50 gp. 12 lbs. 2d6 slashing damage, critical 19-20 x2.  Special: see text

This mighty blade is forged with a curve that increases its effectiveness as it cleaves through foes. When used with the cleave feat, this weapon grants the wielder an additional +2 attack and damage on the bonus attacks granted by the feat.

The mightiest warriors of the mountains are said to cut down their opponents with a single blow. With their carefully balanced weapons they can cut a swathe through entire armies, one head at a time. 


This weapon is meant exclusively for Pathfinder, where the opportunity cost of the Cleave feat is quite high. Consider this a further development of the hack sword, which I created some time ago. Enjoy!

-Max Porter Zasada

Weapon Wednesday: Pillager’s Pleasure

Pillager’s Pleasure

One-handed martial weapon. 1d6 slashing damage. 19-20 x2 critical. 10 gp. 2 lbs. Special: Sunder

This cruel weapon is designed to damage the armor of opponents. It gets double damage when used to sunder armor, and can can critical armor even though it is an object.


A nasty trick to have up your sleeve. Perfect for the character with questionable morals and tactics. Combine with dastardly measures!

-Max Porter Zasada

Magic Item Monday: Blade of Laughing Flame

Blade of Laughing Flame

Aura medium transmutation; CL 10th

Slot -; Price 20,000 gp

This weapon functions as a +1 longsword. In addition, enemies struck by the weapon gain vulnerability to fire and sonic damage (+50% damage from these sources) for 1 round.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fireball, sound burst. Cost 10,000 gp


Something to synergize with magical attacks. A Bard, Wizard, or Magus might enjoy wielding such a weapon, as might a warrior who wants to see his enemies weakened.


-Max Porter Zasada