RPG Design – Feat Friday: Punching Dagger Feats

Annah_-_Character_PortraitSo I was thinking about how there’s all these weapons that are rarely used but are really cool, and wondering how to design a reason to use them. I was pretty happy with the Spear Feats post a while back, and I wanted to expand on that idea with the punching dagger. This weapon is neat, and has a really satisfying feel to it, but won’t really stand out much as it lacks a lot of the versatility of the dagger and only stands out with a x3 critical.

I hope you enjoy these feats for punching dagger mastery!

Stabbing Uppercut (combat)
You know a trick to shove your dagger under an opponent’s defenses.
Prerequisites: Power Attack, proficiency with punching daggers, BaB +3
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Dexterity modifier, you can make an opponent flat-footed against your attack with a punching dagger.

Throw Your Weight Into It (combat)
You are skilled at putting your whole body behind your blade.
Prerequisites: Stabbing Uppercut, BaB +6
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Dexterity modifier, you can throw your weight into an attack with a punching dagger. You are considered to be wielding it with both hands for the purposes of damage bonuses from Strength and Power Attack. You can’t use this feat with an off-hand weapon.

In the deep jungle, the undergrowth is too thick for standard weapons, and the lizardfolk developed punching daggers to compensate.


-Max Porter Zasada


Weapon Wednesday: Puncher Slicer

Puncher Slicer

Light martial weapon. 1d4 slashing or piercing damage. Critical: Special. 1 lb. 5 gp.

This weapon is crafted from a combined dagger and punching dagger that can be slid in the wound after puncturing an opponent’s armor. It can be used as either a dagger or a punching dagger, but you may declare which after you have rolled your attack. As a dagger, it has a 19-20 x2 critical; as a punching dagger, it has a x3 critical. This weapon may not be thrown like a dagger.


This weapon is fun when you roll a critical, since you’ll always feel rewarded. If you get a 19, that’s a crit you wouldn’t have gotten with one weapon; if you roll a 20, that’s a x3 crit you wouldn’t have gotten with the other. The tradeoff is mostly that it’s a martial weapon, and a character that has access to such weaponry generally wants higher-damaging weapons. Nevertheless, this could be cool once in a while, and some characters will be specialized to use it.

Last post before the holiday! See you next Sunday!

Max Porter-Zasada