Weapon Wednesday: Slip Sword

One-handed exotic melee weapon. 1d10 slashing damage. x2 critical. 65 gp. 6 lbs. Special: Trip

This heavy weapon has a curved section at the end, perfect for gripping limbs. 

Modelled after the bastard sword, this weapon is less precise in its swing but can trip opponents. In addition, you get a +2 circumstance bonus to dirty trick maneuvers performed with this weapon. A character can use a slip sword two-handed as a martial weapon like a bastard sword, but cannot benefit from the special qualities or bonuses of the slip sword.


Developed by a troop of ingenious warriors, the slip sword was created to combine deadly prowess with nasty cunning. They enjoyed some success as highwaymen and mercenaries, finally taking a small keep in the wilderness. However, as arguments arose about who first thought up the slip sword, this troop of warriors has since broken up, allowing the use of the weapon to spread to a few lucky souls.


I love the idea of the dirty trick maneuver, but it’s a bit unreliable compared with trip. This weapon combines both in a neat little package!

So, as we continue infusing our weapons with interest through background, I wish to ask you: is it working? Do you enjoy the background for these weapons, and does that add the missing ingredient for making Wednesdays worthwhile?


-Max Porter-Zasada