RPG Design – Feat Friday: Punching Dagger Feats

Annah_-_Character_PortraitSo I was thinking about how there’s all these weapons that are rarely used but are really cool, and wondering how to design a reason to use them. I was pretty happy with the Spear Feats post a while back, and I wanted to expand on that idea with the punching dagger. This weapon is neat, and has a really satisfying feel to it, but won’t really stand out much as it lacks a lot of the versatility of the dagger and only stands out with a x3 critical.

I hope you enjoy these feats for punching dagger mastery!

Stabbing Uppercut (combat)
You know a trick to shove your dagger under an opponent’s defenses.
Prerequisites: Power Attack, proficiency with punching daggers, BaB +3
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Dexterity modifier, you can make an opponent flat-footed against your attack with a punching dagger.

Throw Your Weight Into It (combat)
You are skilled at putting your whole body behind your blade.
Prerequisites: Stabbing Uppercut, BaB +6
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Dexterity modifier, you can throw your weight into an attack with a punching dagger. You are considered to be wielding it with both hands for the purposes of damage bonuses from Strength and Power Attack. You can’t use this feat with an off-hand weapon.

In the deep jungle, the undergrowth is too thick for standard weapons, and the lizardfolk developed punching daggers to compensate.


-Max Porter Zasada


Pathfinder RPG Design – Feat Friday: Bob and Weave

Bob and Weave

Prerequisite: Run
Benefit: When you take the run action, you get a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class against ranged attacks for one round.



I’ve always thought that Run could be made more attractive. Thoughts?


– Max Porter Zasada

Feat Friday: One Eye Open

One Eye Open
You can sleep and keep watch at the same time, which is creepy but effective.
Benefit: Instead of taking the normal circumstance penalties to perception checks while sleeping, you only take -2. In addition, you get a +2 bonus on saves against spells and effects that cause you to lose consciousness.



If this feat or something similar already exists, I couldn’t find it. I love the idea! A great option for rangers or rogues, with their propensity for being alert. Perfect for anyone who wants their character to be the consummate sentinel.

Have fun being creepy and effective!

-Max Porter-Zasada


Feat Friday: Magus’ Prerogative

Hope you like this Pathfinder RPG feat, designed for the Magus class.

Magus’ Prerogative

Your mastery of technique lets you convert martial skill into magical penetration.
Prerequisites: Improved spell combat class ability, Int 15, Dex 15
Benefit: When you roll both an attack roll with a weapon and use a spell in a full attack, you can choose to use your attack result as your caster level check to overcome spell resistance. Negate any results of your weapon attack if you do so.


This feat is intended to give certain maguses an interesting option. It’s possible to end up in a situation where a combat-focused magus can’t get any spells through because they’re facing a lot of enemies with high spell resistance (like, say, a demon horde) and they don’t have the necessary feats or build to overcome the SR. With this feat, that combat-focused magus can choose to push a spell through the SR when necessary, at the cost of their weapon damage.

-Max Porter Zasada

Feat Friday: Skewer

Skewer (combat)

You can leave a dead enemy’s corpse on your weapon and use it as a shield.
Benefit:  When you drop an enemy of your size or smaller to 0 hp or less, you can choose to skewer them with the weapon that dealt the blow. If you do, their corpse functions as a heavy shield (+2 shield bonus to AC) for up to 3 rounds, and you cannot use that weapon while the enemy is skewered. You can drop the corpse from your weapon as a swift action.  While the corpse is skewered, you get a +4 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks. You can only use this feat with swords, spears, or similar weapons.


Well, the use of this feat is pretty obvious. Could come in handy against a big bad guy surrounded by his weaker minions, when you can use his own troops to defend against his more dangerous attacks, then drop them to return the blows. Of course, the bonus to intimidate is the secret candy, making your frightening presence extraordinarily powerful.

Max Porter-Zasada