RPG Design – Sunday Spell: Storm of Tricks

Storm of Tricks

School universal; Level bard 2, sorcerer/wizard 3
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft. per level)
Components V, S
Target, Effect, or Area see text
Duration 1 hour per level
Saving throw: see text; Spell Resistance: see text

This spell works similarly to prestidigitation, but includes a number of more powerful effects. For the duration, you can perform a number of minor tricks simultaneously,  up to one per caster level. You can also make minor changes to a creature or object, such as causing their ears to grow longer or cause makeup to appear on their face, although the target stays recognizable and this spell cannot be used to create a disguise. In the case of directly affecting a target, the creature gets a save, and spell resistance (if any) applies. Additionally, any 0-level spells you cast while a storm of tricks is active appears to be part of the show, and viewers must succeed on a Spot check to realize that such a spell is being cast (DC is equal to 15 + your caster level). Add +4 to the DC of the Spellcraft check to for other creatures to identify the spell being cast.

Hidden within caravans and groups of performers traveling the countryside are tricksters and fortune-tellers who want to do more than delight and amaze their audience. These magic folk want to evoke a sense of wonder, or of awe. However, their tricks are frowned on by the authorities, and so they must hide their little magics. 


I like the idea of hiding magic, and of mixing spells and skill checks. It helps bring back a sense of wonder to spellcasting, and keep it from getting rote or predictable. Plus, haven’t you always wanted a higher-level version of prestidigitation?

– Max Porter-Zasada