Sunday Spell: Instant Study

Instant Study

School Divination; Level Wiz 1, Bard 1
Casting Time 1 full-round action
Components V, S, M (the book to be studied)
Target 1 book of up to 100 pages/level, or 10 books/level
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: none  Spell Resistance: yes

You instantly learn and understand the contents of a book that you touch, whose length may be up to 100 pages per caster level. This spell allows you to know the contents of the book as if you had read it carefully once: you cannot gain a photographic memory of each and every page, or name obscure passages with absolute precision. You can use this ability on magic tomes and the like, but you must still wait the minimum amount of time before gaining their benefits.

Alternatively, you can use this spell to determine which books, from a large bookcase or pile of books containing up to 10 books/level, are the ones you will need or be interested in. This can greatly speed up the process of making knowledge checks in a library, reducing the time required by 1 hour per ten books searched via this spell.

A spell that covers something that drives me crazy! Having to search through a mad wizard’s library, or tediously working through a golem manual–there needed to be a spell to help speed that process up. Enjoy!
-Max Porter Zasada

Sunday Spell: Deep Identify

Deep Identify

School divination; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, M (a bit of clay and an owl’s feather)
Range personal
Target you
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: none  Spell Resistance: no

This spell functions like detect magic, except it gives you a +15 enhancement bonus on Spellcraft checks made to identify the properties and command words of magic items in your possession. In addition if you make the necessary DC +5, you call to mind a list of previous owners, including the name of its maker, and following people who have possessed it in chronological order. This spell does not allow you to identify any item with a cost higher than 10,000 gp, or artifacts.


Once upon a time, identify was the most necessary and most annoying spell around, inflicting a 100 gold piece cost on player who wanted to identify magic items. At the same time, it removed agency from the player, who made no roll but got the item automatically after shelling out the money. Pathfinder changed that with a clever update, but at the same time left identify a bit dull and uninteresting, merely granting a bonus on a skill check that you can retake anyhow. This spell is an attempt to re-inject a bit of wonder and interest in researching magic items.


Sunday Spell: Reverse Detection

Reverse Detection

School Divination; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 3, Witch 3
Casting Time immediate (see text)
Components V, S
Range see text
Target creature casting a detect spell
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: Will partial; see text Spell Resistance: Yes

You can cast this spell when you succeed in identifying a Detect spell being cast, where you are the target or in the targeted area. A circlet of bright blue light surrounds your head for a brief moment as you turn the spell back upon its caster. Your opponent’s spell fails unless they make a Will save, but either way you gain the benefits of the Detect spell as if you had cast it. You can even use reverse detection on a spell-like ability or supernatural ability whose effects mimic a detect spell. A creature that fails its will save cannot cast that spell with you in the area or as the target for 24 hours.


We’re back! This time to present a spell of subtle power and specific utility, but with an edge that can win the most important moments. How many times has your life depended on remembering to cast detect magic? When has detect evil not been abused to make everyone’s life easier?

Play hardcore. Use Reverse Detection.