Sunday Spell: Lifetree


School Conjuration (healing, summoning); Level Cleric 4, Druid 4
Casting Time 1 round
Range close (25 ft +5 ft. / 2 levels)
Components V, S, DF (a willow branch)
Effect One summoned tree with 30-ft healing aura
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving throw: none; Spell Resistance: no

This spell summons a magic willow tree (5-foot-diameter trunk, 60-foot height, 40-foot top diameter) that appears where you designate. The tree sheds an aura of healing magic, granting allies within the area fast healing 2. Additionally, when one of your allies within the aura would be reduced to -1 hit points or lower, they instantly receive the benefits of a cure light wounds spell as if cast by a 1st-level spellcaster. A creature can only benefit from this effect once per day.


I’ve always thought that spells should do wondrous, magical things, and not always do small, specific things. This spell combines powerful healing with a terrain feature.

-Max Porter Zasada


Sunday Spell: Green Doom

Green Doom

School Conjuration (creation); Level Druid 4
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (25 ft +5 ft. / 2 levels)
Components V, S, M (a pinch of moss)
Effect one 5-ft. square of green doom
Duration concentration up to 1 round/level; see text (D)
Saving throw: Reflex negates (see text); Spell Resistance: yes

As you concentrate on this spell, you cause a horrific green moss to creep over the ground. When first cast, the green doom covers one 5-ft. square within range. Each round of concentration thereafter, the moss spreads to another 5-ft. square adjacent to a square already affected. If you stop concentrating, the green doom does not disappear but withers and disappears in one square of your choice, although you must keep an unbroken chain of affected squares if possible. When you resume concentrating, the duration resets and the green doom spreads once more.
Squares affected are considered difficult terrain due to the clinging moss. Any creature in contact with the ground that moves over a square affected by green doom becomes infected with acidic spores unless they succeed on a reflex save. The spores deal 1d6 points of acid damage and slow that creature’s speed by 5 ft. for one round. In addition, a creature so affected trails the green doom behind it, and any square that it moves into becomes covered by the moss, subject to the same rules as above.


Beware the creeping doom! I’m also thinking about writing this up as a magic item for RPG superstar. What do you think?

Also, welcome back to gamingmage! We had to take a short break during the holiday week, but we’re back on schedule now! I only wish I were able to update gamingmage without interruption, but unfortunately there’s a lot going on right now. Sorry about the lack of notice!

Note that creatures get a new chance to shake the moss off of them each round with a new reflex save, since the effects only last one round.

-Max Porter-Zasada

Sunday Spell: Call Key

Call Key

School Conjuration[summoning];
Level sor/wiz 2
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, F/DF (a bronze bowl worth 5 gp)
Effect one summoned key
Duration instantaneous; see text
Saving throw: none  Spell Resistance: no

You summon forth just the right key for a door before you, whose lock must be within sight while casting this spell. This is an extraplanar echo of the key, made of force and which fits the designated lock perfectly, as well as any locks which fit the same key normally. The key functions 3 times or for 24 hours before melting away, whichever comes first.

I love spells with a quirky, specific use that a clever player has on hand just when it’s needed. I wouldn’t rely on the party having this spell, as a GM, but if someone took the trouble to prepare it I would reward them. At 2nd level, the spell is low enough not to be prohibitive, but high enough that it’s unlikely to replace the lockpicking skills of the party; save this spell for the really baffling doors, or when you know that you’ll need to unlock a lot of similar doors in a hurry!
-Max Porter Zasada

Sunday Spell: Summon Wood Spirit

Summon Wood Spirit

School Conuration [summoning]; Level Druid 3
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, DF (crushed aromatic bark)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft. / 2 levels)
Effect one summoned creature
Duration 1 hour / level
Saving throw: none  Spell Resistance: no

This spell calls to your side a spirit of nature to advise and aid you. This being is insubstantial and possesses no hit points or other combat statistics, as it does not interact with the world other than to advise and aid. It follows you about, never straying further than the spell’s range. While the wood spirit is nearby, you can spontaneously convert prepared spells of equivalent or higher level into spells from the following list:

Level 1: detect animals or plants, goodberry, pass without trace

Level 2: forest friend*, tree shape, wood shape

Level 3: diminish plants, plant growth, speak with plants 

This functions similarly to spontaneous conversion of summon nature’s ally spells.

* this spell is found in the book “Ultimate Combat”.



A spell that can let a savvy druid be awesome unexpectedly, becoming a master of nature at the drop of a hat even when that druid has prepared for a city adventure. I would use this spell to increase options dramatically, though I feel that these spells have such specific uses and are so rarely used in a game that this spell is well balanced.


Max Porter Zasada


Sunday Spell: Soul Ember

Soul Ember

School Conjuration [fire]; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F (a single ruby worth at least 2,000 gp)
Range personal
Target you
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: none Spell Resistance: no

You extract a burning shard of your soul which contains powerful magic.  This ember follows you wherever you go, giving light like a torch, and cannot be separated from you by any means. It is permanent until triggered. As a free action, you may trigger the soul ember to instantly cast a spell that you have prepared or that appears on your spells known list. You may alternatively trigger the spell to create a fireball with a 20d6 damage limitation. Triggering the ember does not expend additional spell slots. These effects otherwise function similarly to contingency, although you do not have to cast additional spells or designate specific events. However, so long as your soul ember is in existence and not triggered, both your current and your maximum hit point total is reduced by half. You do not heal when when the soul ember is triggered. You can create multiple soul embers, in which case your hit points are halved for each one.


A very powerful spell with a massive tradeoff that will leave most uninterested. However, getting extra spells in a turn can make you unstoppable and might even prevent you from taking damage to that limited HP pool.