About Gaming Mage

Welcome to Gamingmage, a game design blog for Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons! Daily designs for the discerning dungeon denizen. Hope you can use these ideas in your game!

The schedule:

Sunday Spell

Monster or Magic Item Monday

Tuesday Tweak

Weapon Wednesday

Theme Thursday

Feat Friday

Saturday Sleep (no update)

About the Designer, Max Porter Zasada: 

A freelance writer and game designer, Max lives in Los Angeles with his lovely girlfriend and vicious cat. Max has written numerous well-received fantasy and science fiction pieces, including the young adult fantasy novel Pandalai (available on Amazon), which has been optioned for a film. A lifelong gamer and designer, Max has a deep and abiding love for pen-and-paper RPGs, electronic games, and board- and card-games, having created several in each genre himself. He currently does some monster design and adventure writing for Ignitus Innovations, Inc. A natural teacher, Max tutors writing and literature subjects locally for many awesome and creative students whom he loves very much! Max is definitely looking for an opportunity to write or design on a steadier basis, so feel free to chat him up!

Submissions, suggestions, trolling, or just to have a chat:


Your ideas can go up on Gamingmage, although I might tweak them a bit!



4 responses to “About Gaming Mage

  1. This is a really clever concept that you’re running here. Lots of good ideas, too. I’ve just started a similar Challenge-a-Day blog, but only one of the days revolves around encounter building. You’re showing quite a bit of dedication to keep it up 6 a week. How many people work on this blog?

    • Hey,
      Thanks! I took a look at your blog, and I think it’s cool. I’ll post over there for yah soon 🙂
      I love your comments! Let me go answer them…


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