RPG Design – Weapon Wednesday: Cleaving Greatsword

cleaving greatsword by Anthony Rosbottom 2003Cleaving Greatsword

Exotic two-handed weapon. 50 gp. 12 lbs. 2d6 slashing damage, critical 19-20 x2.  Special: see text

This mighty blade is forged with a curve that increases its effectiveness as it cleaves through foes. When used with the cleave feat, this weapon grants the wielder an additional +2 attack and damage on the bonus attacks granted by the feat.

The mightiest warriors of the mountains are said to cut down their opponents with a single blow. With their carefully balanced weapons they can cut a swathe through entire armies, one head at a time. 


This weapon is meant exclusively for Pathfinder, where the opportunity cost of the Cleave feat is quite high. Consider this a further development of the hack sword, which I created some time ago. Enjoy!

-Max Porter Zasada


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