RPG Design – Magic Item Monday: Subtle Charm

Amulet of GreedAura Faint Transmutation; CL 5th

Slot Arm; Price 500 GP per charm

Each of the several kinds of subtle charms fits on a silver charm bracelet, lending its power to the wearer. No more than six charms may be worn on a single bracelet. Each charm’s power can be expended once per day, when making a Bluff check, under specific circumstances, for a +5 bonus.

Subtle Charm of Aggrandizement: This grinning face can be activated when making a Bluff check that makes false claims about the high importance or power of the wearer, such as great social stature, physical might, or great wealth.

Subtle Charm of Scorn: This gold disk with a suspicious-looking face molded into it can be activated when making a Bluff check to convince someone that another person cannot be trusted.

Subtle Charm of Nondescript: This tiny silver hood can be activated when making a Bluff check to convince someone that the wearer is of no consequence, not worth the trouble to notice.

Subtle Charm of Belonging: This small pearl carved in the shape of a shield or coat-of-arms can be activated when making a Bluff check to convince someone that the wearer belongs to a particular social group, such as a club, gang, order, or neighborhood.

Construction Requirements glibness; Cost 250 GP per charm

Adries the master thief was a smuggler who became famous for the enormous quantity of goods he got across enemy lines repeatedly throughout the old war. His face was never well-known, but as the enemy became aware of his constant shenanigans Adries had to come up with ever-changing tricks to save his countrymen and collect his massive rewards. An accomplished spellcaster as well as a thief, he developed the subtle charms to ensure that he always had a new trick (literally) up his sleeve. 


I prefer items that strongly suggest roleplaying ideas or new adventures while also bringing a gold-efficient option to the table. Every time  a player uses this item they should feel rewarded for their investment, even if the Bluff check fails.

Something about February inspires me to create new RPG elements again. Stay tuned as we make some changes to the website!

–Max Porter-Zasada


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