RPG Design – Tuesday Tweak: Savvy Sorcerer

Savvy Sorcerer Tweak: Sorcerers get a bonus equal to their level on Use Magic Device checks involving scrolls and wands.


This rules tweak provides a method for sorcerers to be a little more versatile, a little more useful, and most of all more unique. Few sorcerers that I know of put a large investment into Use Magic Device unless they feel they have to, yet every sorcerer gets it as a class skill. Everyone should be rewarded for exploring their characters fully.

My friend David Finzi holds that sorcerers ought to get Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat, but I don’t really like that idea much. Actually scribing scrolls just feels much more like a wizard activity, while possessing an innate understanding of magic such that you can pull it out of magic items–it just feels like a sorcerer.

Please feel free to disagree in the comments!

– Max Porter-Zasada


4 responses to “RPG Design – Tuesday Tweak: Savvy Sorcerer

  1. I think wizard needs to not have scribe scroll more than sorcerers need it. Spell quantity is the major advantage of a sorcerer over a wizard and wizard just gets a fix for it at first level for free……………..

  2. PS. Wizard only needs to UMD something that isn’t on their spell list which is primarily divine magic. A sorcerer should not have an innate understanding of divine magic.

    • I still disagree. They wouldn’t be an arcane caster if they had some kind of divine link. My point is still that I find it a bit strange that sorcerer gets UMD since most of the time they would need to make that check is with divine spells. Are you suggesting your tweek should only affect sorcerers with the celestial or fiendish bloodlines?

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