RPG Design – Feat Friday: Spellfire Spear

Spellfire Spear
You can convert a fire spell into a powerful attack.
Prerequisite: BaB +3, one metamagic feat, Int or Cha 17,  ability to cast fire spells
Benefit: You can cast a spell with the fire subtype and convert its power into a weapon instead of actually triggering the spell’s effects. Instead, the spell’s power collects at the head of a staff, quarterstaff, or spear that you are holding and imbues you with power. This item functions as a +1 flaming spear and you can use your Intelligence modifier in place of your Strength for attack and damage. These effects last a number of rounds equal to the original spell’s level.


I love feats that let a player try alternate strategies or “go crazy mode” without having to commit the resources to a level dip in a new class.


-Max Porter-Zasada


3 responses to “RPG Design – Feat Friday: Spellfire Spear

  1. Hmm. I suppose it would make perfect sense to go the progressive route and make the requirements “int or cha 17”. Would that address the problem?


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