RPG design – Weapon Wednesday: Gemdrain Blade

Gemdrain Blade

Aura strong transmutation; CL 17th; Slot none;
Price 60,500 gp; Weight 4 lbs

This beautifully crafted +1 longsword drains magic power from mages that it strikes. Whenever you score a hit on a spellcaster with this weapon, they must instantly lose a spell slot of a level equal to your damage divided by 5 (if they prepare spells, they choose which prepared spell or empty spell slot is lost). For the next minute, you gain one free casting of any spell you know or have prepared of equivalent level or lower. You may only gain a free casting once per day, although you can drain any number of spell levels.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be able to cast 9th-level spells; Cost 30,250 gp

The secrets of this weapon are ancient and well-hidden by the craftsmen of the deepest forges. The gemdrain blade was developed by a fallen paladin seeking vengeance against a powerful evil wizard. The paladin fought valiantly and his weapon served him well, but the vile wizard prevailed and stole the design of the weapon for his own gains. 


A great weapon for a magus or eldritch knight: anyone who wants to combine spell-slinging with sword-swinging!

– Max Porter Zasada


4 responses to “RPG design – Weapon Wednesday: Gemdrain Blade

    • Every time the rogue sneak attacks, it will pretty much eat a caster’s highest level spell. By 17th level, the rogue has to do 45 damage to eat a 9th level spell. But by this time, he has1d8 + 8d6 sneak attack in addition to bonuses.
      ^ from the standpoint of straight rogue that just craps on casters.

      • But to be fair, 1d8 + 8d6 sneak attack = 32 damage, average. The rogue will, on average, eat a 6th level spell… and the mage will lose 1/5 of his hit points. I don’t think the spell level is going to make as much difference to the mage as the damage.

        Unless the mage is sporting some kind of DR, like stone/ironskin.
        Granted, the rogue will probably hit at least twice, even still… but the 60 health is a bigger deal than the two 6th level spells… probably.

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