RPG Design – Magic Item Monday: Vest of the Vineswimmer

Vest of the Vineswimmer

Aura medium something; CL something
Slot: something; Price number; Weight 2 lbs

While wearing this green linen vest embroidered with vine motifs, you gain the benefits of woodland stride as a Druid. When in an area of magical plants that would normally impede movement (such as entangle or wall of thorns), you gain a 40-ft. enhancement bonus to your speed instead of feeling the effects of the spell so long as you stay within the area of magical plants.


It drives me a little bit bonkers that there are so many items for spellcasters that enable you to do what you already do, just more of it or in different places: “You can cast spells…more!” or “You can wear armor…wildshaped!”.

I want more magic items that combine with your spells to make more powerful or interesting effects.

Max Porter-Zasada


3 responses to “RPG Design – Magic Item Monday: Vest of the Vineswimmer

  1. I quite like the secondary increased movement effect. Its nice that it works for non-spellcasters as well. Should probably fix this: Aura medium something; CL something
    Slot: something; Price number;

  2. Thanks, glad you like the item! I was going to submit something like this for RPG superstar, but I missed the deadline.
    About the placeholders…you never saw anything.


  3. They’re still there! This -is- an amazing item, though… and it provides a great deal of -very- interesting flavor. It’s not just +2 to AC like most armor, or some other mundane thing… it’s a -wondrous- item. Very nice. 🙂

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