RPG Design – Weapon Wednesday: Scale Slicer

 Scale Slicer

1-handed exotic melee weapon. 1d8 slashing damage. 19-20 critical. 45 gp. 3 lbs. Special: (see text)

This weapon is designed to take down some of the mightiest creatures in existence. When wielded against a large or larger creature with scales (such as a dragon), this weapon deals a bonus 1d8 damage and negates any type of damage reduction.

Long ago, there lived a great dragon slayer who became old and decrepit. He could no longer fight the creatures that had made him famous, yet one ancient black dragon still plagued the land, hunting for him. In hiding, the dragon slayer chafed at the weakness When the dragon slayer felt he could no longer hide and watch his most powerful enemy ravage the land, he pulled himself out of bed and buckled on his armor. The dragon slayer called his son to his side and instructed the boy.

“Do not follow in my footsteps, as other boys do their fathers. No my son, you must become a metalworker, a smith–forge for others a weapon that will take down this scourge.”

And with that, he went out of hiding to his glorious death. 

The son did as his father had asked, and in all his long life created one famous style of blade that could take down dragons. This is the story of the scale slicer.


I see no reason why special weaponry should be the province of magic items alone. Magic items don’t add style, they don’t add flavor–unless you create something yourself, magic weapons mostly just add numbers. But a particular weapon or item that has to be forged a certain way to get its abilities? Aha, that adds an instant flair.


– Max Porter-Zasada


One response to “RPG Design – Weapon Wednesday: Scale Slicer

  1. I agree, in a fantasy setting, why do you have to use magic to make an amazing item? Why can’t it ‘just’ be a true master’s will? A Dwarven Craftsman need not be a mage to make a -glorious- weapon or suit of armor, especially when you add in the distinct probability that it was made for something specific.

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