Pathfinder RPG Design – Sunday Spell: Consume Magic

Consume Magic

School Necromancy; Level sor/wiz 4
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range medium (100 ft +10 ft./level)
Target 1 spellcaster, creature, or object
Duration instantaneous and 1 hour
Saving throw:  None or Will negates (see text); Spell Resistance: no

This spell functions like dispel magic, except that it allows a saving throw if used to target a spellcaster or an object held by a creature (in which case the creature’s will save is used), and when you successfully dispel an effect you gain temporary hit points equal to the caster level of the effect. These temporary hit points last for  1 hour. However, within this duration you can convert these temporary hit points (or whatever remains of them if you take damage) into bonus damage on a damaging spell you cast. Converting your temporary hit points in this way is a free action.

Created by the mad sorcerer Asarl, this spell wreaked havoc on the mage-soldiers sent to arrest him. He would follow it up with a blast of dark magic that left bones cracking and flesh turned to dust. They eventually gave up the mission, as the mad sorcerer always seemed too difficult to take down even when he wasn’t turning them all to undead slaves. 


I really wanted there to be a spell like this one. A necromancer plays with life forces and strange magics, and should always seem to be gaining benefits even as dark magic billows. I think the fact that it is higher level and allows a save is plenty to keep the standard abjuration version viable, while allowing the necromancers with Spell Focus and so on to deal with the save and seem special, unique, and deadly dangerous.

-Max Porter Zasada


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