Magic Item Monday: Bloodthirsting | Pathfinder RPG Design


Aura Moderate necromancy; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Price +1 bonus


When it strikes a creature with blood, a bloodthirsting weapon remains embedded, inflicting a -1 on attack rolls and dealing bleed damage each round equal to the weapon’s damage die. Do not add any additional bonuses to this bleed damage. A creature with a free hand may remove a bloodthirsting weapon as a standard action. A single creature cannot have more than one bloodthirsting weapon embedded at one time unless each weapon has a damage die of 1d4 or smaller. This special quality cannot be added to two-handed weapons.



There’s something terrifying and awesome about the idea of embedding weapons in foes. Especially in cinematic dragon battles or similar things. Give a weapon with this quality to a character to make them a brutal wonder to behold!

I’m not sure that my balancing rule at the end there is as clean and working as it could be. Thoughts?

-Max Porter-Zasada


One response to “Magic Item Monday: Bloodthirsting | Pathfinder RPG Design

  1. How about this change:

    * When it deals slashing or piercing damage to a creature with blood…

    And something like this addition:

    * If subjected to magical healing from a spell or effect of at least 6th level, a creature with weapons embedded in them by means of this ability, automatically push them all out via wound closure.

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