Feat Friday: Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground (combat)
You can defend yourself from a flurry of attacks.
Prerequisite: Combat Expertise, BaB +4
Benefit: When you use the Combat Expertise feat and an opponent makes a full attack on you, you double your AC bonus from Combat Expertise against each attack after the first.  You can only use Stand Your Ground against a particular opponent once per minute.


Sometimes, Pathfinder is all about avoiding full attacks. And nothing else. Once you get to 8th level or so, the full attacks of monsters can instantly kill most members of the party, while your two-weapon fighter’s full attack does the same to the enemy. This feat lets you avoid the unavoidable when you need it.

I feel that the “once per opponent per minute” restriction is necessary, but it’s also very clunky. Anyone have a better suggestion to balance this feat?

-Max Porter-Zasada


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