Weapon Wednesday: Belly Sticker

One-handed martial weapon. 2d3 slashing or piercing damage.  x2 critical.

This weapon is uniquely designed to pierce armor and get at well-protected foes. If the target of your attack has an armor bonus of 4 or greater, a belly sticker ignores 2 points of that armor bonus.


A company of rogues or ninjas found prosperity in the underworld of a large city. They lurked in dark alleys and cut purses with daggers, for the guards were helpless against their stealthy, murderous training.

However, the city soon decided to equip the guards with better armor, placing a gleaming steel patrol on the streets. Desperate, the guild developed a sword to penetrate the heavy metal and leather of the law enforcement. It became colloquially known as the “belly sticker,” a weapon of a vicious warrior.


Thanks for the suggestion to give these weapons a background! I think a rogue or dueling fighter would enjoy this weapon


-Max Porter-Zasada


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