Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Heart

Aura Medium Divination; CL 11th

Slot –Price 108,500 gp


Carved with twisting lines and meandering runes, this gleaming crystal grants its user a constant know direction effect and a +4 competence bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks.

In addition, once per week the user can activate the dungeon heart as a standard action to cast find the path.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item,  find the path, know direction. Cost 54,250 gp


I believe Pathfinder has mostly done away with once-per-week item abilities, but I happen to like them; it can really make players think. This does, however, make the item extraordinarily difficult to price correctly.

I think this would be a very cool item to award players who complete a famous dungeon crawl in your campaign world. It is a fantastic symbol of having an uncanny knack for finding your way to trouble.


-Max Porter Zasada


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