Feat Friday: Death Toll

Death Toll
You tally your killing strokes, becoming more blood-crazed with each kill.
Prerequisites:  Improved Initiative, Rage class feature, Toughness
Benefit:  If you use a weapon to deal a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), you gain 2 temporary hp and may add to your death toll count, which cannot exceed your level divided by 5 (minimum 1). You get a bonus on Initiative equal to your death toll count, which resets when you rest for an hour or more. You also lose any remaining temporary hp when you rest.


Something for Barbarians to get all bloodthirsty and crazy! In particular, I wanted to give something for barbarians that would be more long-lasting than most of their bonuses. I feel that barbarians are too often encouraged by their abilities to use everything in one big fight, then take the rest of the day off and rest while they regain rage rounds and so on (this is known as the one-minute workday, I believe).

If a barbarian is tempted by this feat, they’ll be more encouraged to conserve power and keep adventuring through the day while they have their bonuses. I also really like the idea of a barbarian eagerly pushing the rest of the party onward to more battles instead of taking a breather.


-Max Porter Zasada



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