Tuesday Tweak: Retry Knowledge Checks

To continue our tweaking of the knowledge skill rules:

 New Studies in Knowledge; you cannot normally retry knowledge checks, as the check result represents the limits of what you know. However, when you take a new rank in a knowledge skill, you can then retry knowledge checks using that skill once again.

Simple enough, right?

The awesome part about this tweak is that players who sink skill points into knowledge skills continue getting rewarded, and combined with the previous Tuesday tweak, it will be the whole party that works together and feels good about themselves.

The downside is that sometimes, with certain obsessive players, leveling up will result in a whole bunch of retried knowledge checks, slowing down the game. Here’s how to handle that: since retried knowledge checks are rarely urgent, find out if the whole party wants to stop and do those right now. If anyone isn’t willing, then ask the knowledging players to pick one or two checks to retry now, and schedule an hour of time for the rest that doesn’t interfere with regular gameplay.

Have fun!

-Max Porter Zasada


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