Tuesday Tweak: Aid Another’s Knowledge

Yes, that’s right. I promised to put up complete ship stats this week for airships. However, what with all the days I haven’t been able to work on this…it’s been impossible. I will have to save it for another time, if my dear readers are interested. Instead, enjoy this tweak!

Players can aid one another on knowledge checks, as with many other skills. A character must be trained in the knowledge skill to aid, and this can only be done out of combat, as it takes a few minutes when the characters argue and discuss esoteric notations in old texts or hearsay on the street.

Furthermore, a scaled method of aiding: for every 10 by which the player beats the aid another DC of 10, they can add an additional +1.


This tweak makes discovering and exploring your world a fun group process, which EVERYONE can participate in, at the cost of one skill point. It becomes a fun discovery, instead of a boring chore. Best used in a game with a lot of story and background detail, all of which could be important to the players. Using these rules can lead to sessions of rapt attention from players as they explore the richness of your world!

Ooooooh right, and this is the LAST WEEK of interrupted posting. Thank goodness! No post this Thursday or Friday, but Gamingmage will resume its normal schedule on Sunday!

-Max Porter-Zasada


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