Sunday Spell: Call Key

Call Key

School Conjuration[summoning];
Level sor/wiz 2
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, F/DF (a bronze bowl worth 5 gp)
Effect one summoned key
Duration instantaneous; see text
Saving throw: none  Spell Resistance: no

You summon forth just the right key for a door before you, whose lock must be within sight while casting this spell. This is an extraplanar echo of the key, made of force and which fits the designated lock perfectly, as well as any locks which fit the same key normally. The key functions 3 times or for 24 hours before melting away, whichever comes first.

I love spells with a quirky, specific use that a clever player has on hand just when it’s needed. I wouldn’t rely on the party having this spell, as a GM, but if someone took the trouble to prepare it I would reward them. At 2nd level, the spell is low enough not to be prohibitive, but high enough that it’s unlikely to replace the lockpicking skills of the party; save this spell for the really baffling doors, or when you know that you’ll need to unlock a lot of similar doors in a hurry!
-Max Porter Zasada

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