Weapon Wednesday: Clutch Handle Longspear

Two-handed martial weapon. 1d8 piercing damage. x3 critical. 10 gp. 9 lbs. Special: Brace, Reach.

This weapon is designed and balanced in a such a way to allow the wielder to use his attacks in a different manner than normal. If you have iterative attacks, you can give up any number of your secondary attacks when making a full attack. If you choose to do so, your first attack gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage for each attack you gave up.


On clean, mathematical paper, it appears that getting multiple attacks is always better. However, against an opponent with high armor or DR, you will find a single burst attack much more effective. This weapon can help strike at the heart of that problem.

Well, due to yet more jewish holidays, gamingmage will not update on Thursday or Friday. Enjoy your Sukkot, and shana tova!

Max Porter Zasada


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