Tuesday Tweak: Disarm Natural Attack

It’s always bugged me to no end how specific some combat maneuvers are. Disarm takes the fore here: while you can trip maybe 80% of monsters, you can disarm maybe 20% of what you fight. Maneuvers are a very cool aspect of combat, and I feel strongly that they should be one of the things that make fighters interesting and cool, rather than just doing damage and having a high AC, which is great but a bit tiresome.

Disarm Natural Attack: You can grab and twist, cut, or batter at an opponent’s knuckles, fangs, claws, or other single natural attack, rendering it useless for a short time. Instead of dropping items held, your opponent simply cannot use that natural weapon for one round, plus one additional round for every 5 by which you beat their CMD. All other normal disarm rules apply.

This way, you have a reason to spend some resources on getting good at disarming even in campaigns–like most campaigns–where you fight a lot of monsters without weapons. Don’t forget that many creatures can still do lots of nasty things without their natural attack!

EXTRA: I created an adventure and monster for Ignitus Innovations, Inc. It’s called Tangent: Harvester. You can check it out HERE. Let me know what you think!

-Max Porter Zasada


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