Weapon Wednesday: Puncher Slicer

Puncher Slicer

Light martial weapon. 1d4 slashing or piercing damage. Critical: Special. 1 lb. 5 gp.

This weapon is crafted from a combined dagger and punching dagger that can be slid in the wound after puncturing an opponent’s armor. It can be used as either a dagger or a punching dagger, but you may declare which after you have rolled your attack. As a dagger, it has a 19-20 x2 critical; as a punching dagger, it has a x3 critical. This weapon may not be thrown like a dagger.


This weapon is fun when you roll a critical, since you’ll always feel rewarded. If you get a 19, that’s a crit you wouldn’t have gotten with one weapon; if you roll a 20, that’s a x3 crit you wouldn’t have gotten with the other. The tradeoff is mostly that it’s a martial weapon, and a character that has access to such weaponry generally wants higher-damaging weapons. Nevertheless, this could be cool once in a while, and some characters will be specialized to use it.

Last post before the holiday! See you next Sunday!

Max Porter-Zasada


2 responses to “Weapon Wednesday: Puncher Slicer

  1. If magically enhanced via 3.5 rules, would it count as a single weapon or must each portion of the weapon be enhanced separately? If it is the latter, would you be able to benefit twice from an ability like Eager, Defending or Spellstrike?

    • Hmm.
      I see few compelling reasons to open that can of worms. Let the weapon be enchanted as a whole.
      Good catch though, that should be included in the text.


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