Magic Item Monday: Rod of Lifedrinking


Rod of Lifedrinking

Aura faint necromancy; CL 9th

Slot –Price 10,000 gp

This rod gains a charge whenever you cast a spell that deals 10 or more damage to an opponent while wielding the rod, but no more than 1 charge per spell. It can hold up to 3 charges. As a swift action, you may expend one or more charges to produce one of the following effects:

1 charge: heal yourself for 1d8+5 damage.
2 charges: gain 1d10+10 temporary HP for 1 hour.
3 charges: the next necromancy spell you cast or activate of up to 3rd level gets a +1 enhancement bonus to caster level and DC.

You cannot expend more than 10 charges total per day.

Requirements Craft Rod,  false life, cure light wounds. Cost 5,000 gp


This somewhat versatile item can be a powerful tool or even make an entire theme for a character. The cost was difficult to estimate (as it always is with rods), but I was going for high without being prohibitive.


-Max Porter Zasada


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