Feat Friday: Skewer

Skewer (combat)

You can leave a dead enemy’s corpse on your weapon and use it as a shield.
Benefit:  When you drop an enemy of your size or smaller to 0 hp or less, you can choose to skewer them with the weapon that dealt the blow. If you do, their corpse functions as a heavy shield (+2 shield bonus to AC) for up to 3 rounds, and you cannot use that weapon while the enemy is skewered. You can drop the corpse from your weapon as a swift action.  While the corpse is skewered, you get a +4 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks. You can only use this feat with swords, spears, or similar weapons.


Well, the use of this feat is pretty obvious. Could come in handy against a big bad guy surrounded by his weaker minions, when you can use his own troops to defend against his more dangerous attacks, then drop them to return the blows. Of course, the bonus to intimidate is the secret candy, making your frightening presence extraordinarily powerful.

Max Porter-Zasada


2 responses to “Feat Friday: Skewer

  1. Few comments:
    change from medium size to “your size or smaller.” Gnome carrying around a skewered orc? probably not. Huge size rhino can’t skewer a giant? probably not.

    Weapons get stuck in people. For realism’s sake, maybe a swift or move action to remove the body early?

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