Magic Item Monday: Masks of Mentalism

Masks of Mentalism

aura strong enchantment; CL 

Slot head; Price 75,000 gp (for the pair) Weight 1/2 lb


These clay or porcelain masks are always made in pairs. One is a master mask, while the other is a victim’s mask. So long as you wear the master mask, you can control the wearer of the victim’s mask as if via dominate person with no duration limit. However, if the wearer of the mask is compelled to put it on via magic, the mask is useless.

Construction requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, dominate person. Cost 37,500 gp


A powerful item which is also very expensive. It seems like players rarely, if ever, purchase truly expensive items, especially ones like these masks, which exercise an ability the players might prefer to cast anyway. You’re much more likely to find this item useful as a villain’s item, and this can indeed make an entire storyline creepy and scary, as the players realize how the villainous baron has been controlling the queen since the masked ball.

-Max Porter Zasada


3 responses to “Magic Item Monday: Masks of Mentalism

  1. This is a mask which means it occupies the face slot. It is therefore a wondrous item and should require craft wondrous item to create. Also, the formula for a continuous use magic item is CL x Spell level x 2000 -> 9 x 5 x 2000 = 90,000 GP. I would probably keep this # as pathfinder correctly points out that mind control is the most devastating form of magic.

  2. True, but you have to get them to put the mask on in the first place…without controlling magic. It takes either a really convenient explanation or overpowering the person in the first place. Anyhow, that’s how I justify the lower cost. Perhaps it should be higher that 75k, but anything too far beyond that always seems so silly. Magic items that cost more than the royal treasury contains really don’t make sense. Hesitantly, I completely agree with Paizo’s power ratings in Ultimate Magic as do you.


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