Feat Friday: Body Blow

Body Blow (combat)
You can crush an opponent’s defenses with a mighty swing.
Prerequisites: Strength 15, Power Attack, Cleave
Benefit: When you make a single attack in a round with a two-handed weapon and that attack is not a critical hit, you can deal half damage and lower the target’s Natural Armor by 4 for 2 rounds. This effect does not stack with itself.


A feat that makes a mighty warrior into a tactician, setting up opponents for additional attacks. Enjoy!

-Max Porter Zasada


2 responses to “Feat Friday: Body Blow

    • Well, what prerequisite would you prefer to have instead?

      The concept is that you’re cleaving their armor, in a sense. I know the art I found doesn’t show a bladed weapon, but then cleave doesn’t require you to use slashing damage.

      I think it’s a fairly reasonable prereq.


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