New Pathfinder Skill Use: Survival and Swim

Tuesday Tweak!

Paradigm Shift: Survival. When you see a creature use an extraordinary movement ability (such as the ability to walk freely on snow or brachiate through tree branches), you can mimic that ability. Attempting to do so is a move action and requires a Survival check against a DC of 20 + 2 for each square traversed that move, +1 for each round since you saw that extraordinary ability used.

Sand Surf: Swim. With your incredibly lithe movement, you can actually swim through sand or snow. With a Swim check of 40, you gain a burrow speed of 5 ft through such material.


These tweaked skill uses allow clever players to do much more than they usually would, and hopefully expands their imaginations to approach adventure from an unusual angle. Enjoy!

-Max Porter Zasada


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