New Pathfinder Weapon: Recurve Sword

Weapon Wednesday!

Recurve Sword

One-handed martial weapon. 1d6 slashing damage. x2 critical. Disarm. 2 lbs. 10 gp.

The unique shape of a recurve sword allows the wielder to disarm enemies effectively, and without provoking an attack of opportunity. In addition, with this weapon you can lacerate the wrist of your opponent during the disarm, allowing you to deal normal weapon damage. You may not add any modifiers other than strength to this damage (including feats like Power Attack).


A weapon with less average damage than a flail or a longsword, and can’t be used as a light weapon; yet it grants you a major action economy bonus that can’t be overlooked. The ability to do more than one thing in a round can mean the difference between life and death, betwen dismal failure and everlasting glory. Enjoy!

Max Porter Zasada


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