New Pathfinder Skill Use: Spellcraft and Stealth

Tuesday Tweak!

Smell the Supernatural: Spellcraft. You can make Spellcraft checks to determine the properties of supernatural abilities when you’ve seen them in action. The DC is 15 + HD of the monster. If you make the DC + 10, you can use dispel magic or similar effects to suppress the ability for 1d4 rounds. If suppressing the effect would be directly harmful to the creature (such as its flying ability while airborne), the creature gets a will save against the dispel effect.

Silent Sliding: Stealth. You can use Stealth to manipulate objects silently that would otherwise make noise, such as squeaky doors, floors, or winches. You must have a set of thieves’ tools and spend a full-round action silencing the object, or you take a -4 penalty on the check.


Today’s first tweak lets the players do something that is normally completely impossible. I think the game is more interesting if everything is possible, albeit sometimes very difficult. This new skill use can cut a lot of monsters down to a manageable size and make things very interesting. Today’s second tweak simply covers something not quite managed in the core rules, and makes sneaking around the evil merchant’s fortified manor that much more interesting!

Max Porter Zasada


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