New Pathfinder skill use: Sense Motive and Sleight of Hand

Tuesday Tweak!

So Predictable: Sense Motive. When someone readies an action in combat, you can make a Sense Motive check against 10 + their charisma score to know what they’re planning to do.

Interrupt Strike: Sleight of Hand. When you deal sub dual damage to a target who is casting a spell, you may make a Sleight of Hand check to disrupt their spellcasting. If you do, you deal no damage and the target must make a Concentration check versus your Sleight of Hand check instead of the damage.


The first tweak here offers the GM an excuse to screw the players over…and gives the players the chance to avoid some awful moves from the GM. I believe it to be covering an important part of the game that is otherwise missing. The second tweak gives a powerful option to clever warriors in a desperate situation where they just have to stop a spell from going off.


Max Porter Zasada


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