Sunday Spell: Lightning Burst

Lightning Burst

School Evocation [electricity]; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a copper wire)
Range medium (100 ft + 10 ft per level)
Area 5-ft radius burst
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: Reflex half and see text Spell Resistance: yes

You cause an explosion of lightning to erupt from the target area, dealing 1d4 points of electricity damage per caster level (maximum 5d4) to creatures in the area and causing them to be pushed out of the area as if bull rushed from the point of origin. You use your level as your base attack bonus and your primary spellcasting ability modifier instead of strength for this check. Creatures that make their reflex save against this spell negate this bull rush effect as well as half the damage.


There are already some decent blasting spells at 2nd level, but amazingly no burst attack that requires a reflex save. You’ve got Acid Arrow (touch ac), Scorching Ray (touch ac), and some others. This spell gives you the ability to both damage and move opponents at range, a pair of effects that could be very useful in certain situations, at the cost of doing damage like a 1st-level spell (albeit at superior range).

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-Max Porter Zasada


2 responses to “Sunday Spell: Lightning Burst

  1. Please clarify what stats are used by the caster for the bullrush. I don’t really think it would make sense for the caster to use his BAB and strength since the spell is doing all the work.

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