Tuesday Tweak: New skill uses

Hidden Attack: Perform. You use the Perform skill to mask an attack so you can get the drop on opponents, leaving them flat-footed in the surprise round of your attack. You can use dance to hide somatic components or the drawing of a weapon, or singing to hide verbal components. Specific uses are up to the GM. Your Perform check is opposed by the Perception check of enemies, and you get a -10 penalty on the check. If you succeed, you get to take a surprise round before combat begins. This use of Perform can only be used against opponents who are not already rolling initiative against you, and the GM may rule that in certain cases this ability is unuseable (such as singing in a library).

Amazing Display: Profession. You can use your professional skill to gain respect in a community. This use of a skill takes a week’s worth of work. When in a city or other civilized area, you may make a Profession check with a DC equal to the combined HD of those you are trying to impress (who need not be present). If successful, those people treat you with a measure of respect and you may gain rank in the city, becoming eligible for important positions. You also gain a +4 bonus on later Diplomacy checks against the specific people you targeted.


This use of Perform makes it an excellent combat skill, first suggested by my friend Chris. This use of Profession is intended to help instill a sense of truly belonging and being a part of a city or town.

-Max Porter Zasada


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