Feat Friday: Healing Feats

These are some feats suggested by our reader Xchaos! Although we have edited them to reflect a more Pathfinderian progression, these are his ideas. Check it out:

Healing Heart

Your healing spells draw additional power from the goodness in your soul. 
Prerequsites: any Good alignment, Heal 3 ranks
The die type used for your spells from the conjuration: healing sub-school increases by one step.

Waste Not

The magic of your healing spells linger, so that no energy is lost. 
Prerequsites: Healing Heart, Heal 5 ranks.
When you cast a spell from the Healing sub-school on someone, any healing above what they need to refill their HP total they gain as Temporary HP for the duration of 1 minute/level.


I hope Xchaos doesn’t mind the editing, but all the credit goes to him for these great ideas. These have been organized into more of a progression, and I changed the name of the second feat there, originally called “Healing Surge,” which is a term from D&D 4th edition. I also changed the prerequisites.
These feats can help to make a jackhammer of a healer, who keeps his pals from going down in any fight. Sure, some people will say that tactics dictate you should only heal when the situation is desperate, but the truth is that healing, and healing well, is vital to any game. The nature of Pathfinder (and D&D’s) design requires long days of adventuring with multiple encounters, and the only way to do that is with healing magic.
Share your thoughts in the comments!

5 responses to “Feat Friday: Healing Feats

  1. I actually take issue with the “good alignment” requirement. Although I can’t see an evil character taking this feat, I would believe some neutral PCs would – think neutral cleric of good or evil god.

    As another thought, since cleric is pegged as the most healing oriented class in D&D, perhaps swap out good alignment for “channel positive energy.” This addresses my above issue as well as removing this feat option from classes like witch or bard.

  2. Rarzor, I do believe that is an excellent comment. However, I do want the prerequisite to be something that you had to choose (and not just a class feature you picked up). Xchaos had a 3.5 feat from Complete Divine as a prerequisite; Chris suggested Spell Focus: Conjuration. I’m ready to edit the feat to reflect that idea, but I hesitate. Thoughts?

    • I’m more against spell focus conjuration than good alignment. 1) it doesn’t reflect in anyway that the person wants to heal others. Channel positive energy allows neutral alignment but it also meant the cleric chose to heal instead of harm. Good alignment implies your character would try to alleviate suffering if possible. 2) spell focus conjuration in almost no way benefits healing spells – you’d basically be tacking on a dead requirement. DC of your cures only comes into effect when you try to harm undead and this feat isn’t about that. Infact, you might want to add something like ‘this die increase only applies to healing damage, not harming undead.’

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