Weapon Wednesday: Swiftthrow Axe

Swiftthrow Axe

Light martial throwing weapon. 1d4 slashing damage. Range increment 15 ft. 1 lb. 15 gp.

When you make a full attack, if you have the Quick Draw feat and at least a +6 base attack bonus, you may draw and make a bonus attack with a Swiftthrow. This provokes an attack of opportunity, and all your attacks suffer a -1 penalty this round. You must have one hand free in order to use this weapon in such a manner.


Hey, an early post to make up for missing a few back there! A sneaky little option to add a bonus ranged attack to a warrior’s repertoire. I believe Maguses (Magi?) might find the most use out of this weapon, as they are uniquely designed to carry a weapon in one hand, with the other free for casting spells.




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