Feat Friday: Cavalier’s Momentum

Cavalier’s Momentum
Even when on foot, you can sweep your weapon as though you had all the power of a charging horse.
Prerequisites: Cavalier’s charge class ability
Benefit:  You can gain the benefits of your Cavalier’s Charge even while not mounted, though you must charge as normal and you still take a -2 penalty to AC. You can use this ability 3 times per day, plus one additional time for each use of the Challenge class ability you get per day.


The danger with this feat is that you may lose some of the flavor of the cavalier, a courtly warrior worthy of respect. However, in some campaigns cavaliers may fit the story while horses are simply not viable, and it’d be a shame for the cavalier to miss out completely. This gives the cavalier a chance to use his ability in a limited way while preserving a sense of verisimilitude in the power of his ability. It would be better to have a horse, but you won’t miss out entirely.




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