Theme Thursday: The Noble Warrior

Among the massed rank and file of soldiers and fighters, shining like a jewel in slag, are warriors of noble mien. They carry themselves with pride or humility, and stand clear above all others, no matter their combat ability. Some noble warriors are born into important families, taking on the name and responsibilities with pride or dread. Others have simply decided to follow a code or sense of honor, and still others seek to found a new noble dynasty with glory all their own!

For this Theme Thursday we’ll collect the best options out there for playing a great Noble Warrior.


Of course this had to come first on our list. A base class from the Advanced Player’s Guide, the cavalier can be the epitome of a noble warrior, dedicated to a cause in the world and with the honorable abilities to back it up. Write down a couple brief but fun phrases to when you use a Challenge ability, and always refer to the other party members as your “boon companions.”

Careful Combatant

A homebrew trait that combines a sense of your consideration with your soldierly prowess. Perfect for those noble warriors who will be the tactician as well as the front-line combatant, setting up allies for the most advantageous position.

Legendary Parent

Another homebrew trait, this one lends itself well to the noble warrior who’s actually a noble, or possibly a long line of adventurers. Although I’d probably make that a +2 and Gather Information is a class skill for you, to make it worthwhile and not just flavorful.

Ambitious Leader

Let this homebrew feat (originally for 3.5) stand in for regular ol’ Leadership as well. One of the qualities all Noble Warriors possess is leadership, the ability to direct others down the right path by showing the way. Of course you have to talk to your GM first, but gathering your following may be one of the most important tasks you undertake as a Noble Warrior.


Some may call the code of the warrior inflexible, but the warrior knows that he or she cannot veer to the right nor the left, for that way lies destruction. This homebrew feat is very cool whether you’re a player or a villain, and ought to be considered for inclusion in the arsenal of abilities at your disposal.

Quick Stow

Another excellent homebrew feat that can show your skill with your weapon and a sign that you are noble enough to know when the time for peace has come. Sheathing weapons as a free action in combat is also often important mechanically, as switching weapons can be a real problem.


Well, enjoy your nobility in combat and the way of the warrior. While there are many other abilities and classes out there in a similar vein, these are the cream of the crop. I hope you find some useful suggestions and consider using this theme for your next character!



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