Weapon Wednesday: Braced Blade

Braced Blade

2-handed Martial weapon. 1d12 damage. x2 critical. 5 lbs. 50 gp.

The unique cutting blade of this weapon is riveted to the haft in such a way that the weight brings it heavily against an opponent’s body, but lacks the pinpoint accuracy of most swords. When wielding this weapon with two hands, you may “round up” instead of down when you apply 1.5 times your strength modifier to the damage. In addition, you may count your strength score (not modifier) as one point higher for the purposes of damage.


A flavorful weapon with a unique feel. Use for a certain brutality of style while retaining a certain amount of culture in your attacks. Especially nice weapon if you never seem to roll criticals! It is an “odd” weapon, all right. It rewards both an odd score and an odd modifier!



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