Weapon Wednesday: Shredsword


Two-handed exotic weapon. 2d6 damage. Crit x3. 5 lbs. 200 gp.

Though freakish-looking, the shredsword is not designed for actual combat, but to focus destructive arcane energy. A user proficient with and holding this weapon takes a -2 penalty on attacks but gains +1 caster level when casting spells with a variable amount of damage dice based on level.


Another in the strange series of weapons appearing on this site which are nonmagical themselves, but are shaped in such a way that they aid magical energy. Enjoy a method of increasing your blasts at the cost of a feat and a strange weapon.



4 responses to “Weapon Wednesday: Shredsword

  1. Does any other weapon in Pathfinder official do this much damage? I looked at the SRD weapons page but it looked like not. Full BAB classes are always looking for -attack +damage tradeoffs, right? Is this a power boost for them?

    • The greatsword does the same amount of damage, albeit with a 19-20 x2 critical. So this weapon is essentially a slightly weaker version that requires a feat to wield.

      I would probably have designed this weapon differently had I gotten the chance read Magus closely before creating it. I’d prefer a one-handed weapon that deals 1d8 damage, with the other statistics unchanged (other than weight and cost).


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