Sunday Spell: Reverse Detection

Reverse Detection

School Divination; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 3, Witch 3
Casting Time immediate (see text)
Components V, S
Range see text
Target creature casting a detect spell
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: Will partial; see text Spell Resistance: Yes

You can cast this spell when you succeed in identifying a Detect spell being cast, where you are the target or in the targeted area. A circlet of bright blue light surrounds your head for a brief moment as you turn the spell back upon its caster. Your opponent’s spell fails unless they make a Will save, but either way you gain the benefits of the Detect spell as if you had cast it. You can even use reverse detection on a spell-like ability or supernatural ability whose effects mimic a detect spell. A creature that fails its will save cannot cast that spell with you in the area or as the target for 24 hours.


We’re back! This time to present a spell of subtle power and specific utility, but with an edge that can win the most important moments. How many times has your life depended on remembering to cast detect magic? When has detect evil not been abused to make everyone’s life easier?

Play hardcore. Use Reverse Detection. 



2 responses to “Sunday Spell: Reverse Detection

  1. “A circlet of bright blue light surrounds your head for a brief moment” – this is good flavor, just don’t let it be used as a way to identify the spell without the required spellcraft check ^_^ .

    As a side note, perhaps present a detect all spell. IE, tells you a creature’s alignment & any magic gear they are carrying. Perhaps throw in if they are carrying poison? definately leave out detect secret doors and traps.

    • Good points. I’m never sure whether to include a lengthy text in italics, describing the action of the spell. It can be a neat thing to add, or it might get skipped over and just waste space.
      Detect All would be a very cool 5th or 6th level detect spell!

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