Feat Friday: Savage Summoning

Savage Summoning 

The animals you summon are incredibly powerful beings, forces of nature in their own right.
Prerequisites:  Spell Focus: Conjuration, Augment Summoning, Animal Affinity, ability to cast 5th-level spells
Benefit: Each animal you conjure with any summon spell may gain the benefits of an animal growth spell for as long as it remains conjured, even if the animal is an outsider.


A feat that lets your summoned animals become a LOT more powerful. You could always cast this spell yourself if you’re a Druid or Ranger, but that would require another standard action and a second spell slot. This spell is even more powerful if you’re an arcane caster, as you get to add both a template and a spell. This feat makes even low-level summon spells viable at high character levels. To balance the incredible power of this feat, you have to really focus your feat selection as well as take a lackluster feat on the way.




3 responses to “Feat Friday: Savage Summoning

  1. No clue if this is balanced but I do like feats that build up in a chain. As a player, it makes you feel accomplished when you move up in power and take said feat. Requiring 5th level spells is a good barrier to entry [although Ranger has animal growth at 4 but why would you want to be a summoning Ranger o_0).

  2. Glad you like it. I am also a big fan of feat trees. As for balance…it’s a bit on the powerful side, but to my mind balanced with the 5th level spellcasting barrier. Hadn’t considered the Ranger angle, but that’s a good point.


  3. Rangers get dicked by the prerequisites. What if you change “ability to cast 5th-level spells” to, “ability to cast Animal Growth”?

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