Weapon Wednesday: Aberrant Blade

Aberrant Blade

Martial weapon. 1d8 damage. x2 critical. 3 lbs. 110 gp.

Often decorated with pieces of strange creatures, this weapon is a hard-to-find variant on the longsword that sacrifices some accuracy for a shape that improves mental strength. You can use an aberrant blade to focus your mind into an alien mindset. When you attack defensively and strike your target, you may apply half of the AC bonus to your Will save as well.


Another martial weapon! The way I justify creating these as opposed to exotic weapons is that they are merely variants on weapons that your average fighter or barbarian would be highly familiar with. This one almost seems like a magic weapon, but is intended to tap into a certain “martial focus” in the style of the good ol’ Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords. 




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