Tuesday Tweak: New “E-F” skill uses

And we’re back! Try out these new uses for skills to add an epic flavor to your game:

Escape Artist: Epic Escape. When you successfully perform an Escape Artist check in combat (such as to escape a grapple), you can immediately make a DC 15 Perform check to begin a Bardic Music effect as a free action. This expends your uses and can be continued as normal.

Fly: Flying Charge. When charging with a fly speed against an opponent on the ground, you can dive and angle yourself in such a way as to make your headlong attack more dangerous. make a fly check with the opponent’s AC as the DC of the check. If successful, double the benefits and penalties to attack and AC respectively for this charge attack.


This time we’re trying to make some new uses that will make these skills more viable and worthwhile choices. I think these both work in almost any type of game, because heroism and spectacular moves are never out of place.




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