Feat Friday: Flexible Resistance

Flexible Resistance

Focusing on your body, you change your energy resistance to another type.
Benefit: As a standard action, you can focus yourself to change your energy resistance to another type for 5 minutes. For example, if you have fire resistance 10, you can change it to acid resistance 10 for  five minutes. Once used, this feat cannot be used again for 8 hours.


There are other feats like this out there, but here’s how I’d like to have it. Sorry for missing yesterday!



4 responses to “Feat Friday: Flexible Resistance

  1. For immersion reasons, I’d argue that each type of resistance can only change to certain other types that are closely tied to the base type. Examples: fire immunity could be sacrificed to remove cold susceptibility [IE, you are using your internal fire power as a buffer against cold]. Fire could transform into acid or electricity resistance but not cold as they are diametrically opposed on the 4 elements scale. Nothing can transform into sonic resistance except maybe lightning as that represents air.

    • Hmmm. Interesting.
      Unfortunately that would kind of suck as a feat. What if you could still switch the resistance to other types, but only got half of your resistance? So fire resist 10 switched to cold grants cold resist 10, but switched to sonic only grants sonic resist 5.

      • I think you are under-estimating how powerful of a feat you presented. The ability to switch your ER to whatever is handy from being totally useless is a gigantic damage cut. Even getting only half your ER, minimum 5, would be something I would take as a PC.

      • I realize it’s powerful. However, it’s a bit specific in usage. I’m starting to agree that perhaps a few extra limitations are in order. I think it’s a fun and useful feat otherwise.

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