Weapon Wednesday: Single-hand Ripper

Single-hand Ripper

One-handed Martial weapon. 1d6 damage. 19-20 x4 critical. 3 lbs. 100 gp.

Designed to catch foes in a vital spot and tear them apart, the single-hand ripper is less effective at hacking through armor. Unless a critical threat is rolled, take a -1 penalty on attacks with this weapon.


A nasty martial weapon. Why not? Use more for the awesome factor than for a reliable damage-dealer. Sometimes this weapon will do something spectacular; other times, it will be a bit less effective than an average, normal weapon. Be Epic!



2 responses to “Weapon Wednesday: Single-hand Ripper

  1. Yay! more martial weapons please! Perhaps make this finesse-able – but with a name like ripper, probably not.

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