Sunday Spell: Soul Ember

Soul Ember

School Conjuration [fire]; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F (a single ruby worth at least 2,000 gp)
Range personal
Target you
Duration instantaneous
Saving throw: none Spell Resistance: no

You extract a burning shard of your soul which contains powerful magic.  This ember follows you wherever you go, giving light like a torch, and cannot be separated from you by any means. It is permanent until triggered. As a free action, you may trigger the soul ember to instantly cast a spell that you have prepared or that appears on your spells known list. You may alternatively trigger the spell to create a fireball with a 20d6 damage limitation. Triggering the ember does not expend additional spell slots. These effects otherwise function similarly to contingency, although you do not have to cast additional spells or designate specific events. However, so long as your soul ember is in existence and not triggered, both your current and your maximum hit point total is reduced by half. You do not heal when when the soul ember is triggered. You can create multiple soul embers, in which case your hit points are halved for each one.


A very powerful spell with a massive tradeoff that will leave most uninterested. However, getting extra spells in a turn can make you unstoppable and might even prevent you from taking damage to that limited HP pool.



6 responses to “Sunday Spell: Soul Ember

    • That would be correct. Of course you suffer the penalty multiple times in that case. In reading it over I see I did not add that you do NOT have to expend a spell slot when the soul ember is triggered. I should make both of these things clear.

  1. So you cast this spell, lose half your HP and get a soul ember. This ember can cast any spell you have prepared or a super fireball as a free action – neither of which expends spell slots. Once it has cast a spell, the ember is expended and your HP maximum returns to normal but your current HP remains unchanged. Is this all correct?

      • I feel like the damage you take should either be split in between you and the ember or when the ember is used, you get half your HP back [that the ember was holding]. Spellcaster HP is already crap so making it extra crap is a real risk.

      • My knee-jerk reaction to your comment was to say, “Yeah well they got a hit die upgrade anyway.” But that’s not really fair, is it? Pathfinder past level 6 or so gets quite deadly.
        I understand your concerns. But on the other hand, this spell is supposed to have a very serious drawback that makes you hesitate a lot before casting it. If you got a “rebate” on the HP, it would still be a serious risk, but it would feel like much less of a risk. Basically this is intended to be a powerful spell choice, but not a no-brainer.

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